Lupa Masa Rainforest Camp

Surrounded by World Heritage Mount Kinabalu National Park, Lupa Masa is a perfect introduction to the diversity of the Borneo Rainforest. Streams and waterfalls running down from the peaks of Mt Kinabalu, accommodation in open air huts crafted from local bamboo and electricity supplied from its own mini hydro. Food is vegetarian, locally sourced and organic whenever possible.

Lupa Masa offers a variety of activities including day or overnight treks into the jungle or nearby villages and farms, tubing or caving on the river, birdwatching, night walks, or simply relaxing in the sun and bathing in the pristine streams and waterfalls.

Traveling only 2 hours by bus from Kota Kinabalu, then a 30minute taxi to Poring Hot Springs our camp guide will collect you for a scenic trek in to the camp.

Contact Us for booking or further information.

Visit our Gallery for more photos of wildlife and surrounds


2 thoughts on “Lupa Masa Rainforest Camp”

  1. Hi you have a beautiful Camp we Are interstrested in Staying for a few Nights in january we have a car is it a problem to park Near and how Much Woulds it Cost for 4 adults in a hut ROom or honeymoon suite???
    Many thanks mike

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