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UPDATE, PLEASE READ – 31 January, 2020 – We are very sorry to announce that Lupa Masa is ceasing operations and is no longer accepting bookings.

It makes us very sad to have to close because we love the jungle and our little camp.

Thanks to everyone who came out and stayed with us. It’s been a good run.

Our Team:

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Lupa Masa Rainforest Camp is staffed by our dedicated team of locals.  They love the jungle and do everything they can to make sure you do too.  They are knowledgeable, service oriented, and work hard to ensure you have a once in a  lifetime experience during your stay in our camp.  Our manager Alcey is an expert jungle survivalist and wildlife spotter.



Jungle Survival Skills:  Learn the skills needed to survive in the jungle including: fire making, finding water, building shelter, and finding food.

Night Walk Safari:  Trek through the jungle with our camp staff to see some of Borneo’s incredible nocturnal wildlife, insects and plants, some of which are endemic to Mount Kinabalu!

Self-guided Trekking:  Take in the beauty of the virgin rainforest surrounding our camp.  Spot orchids, pitcher plants, mammals, reptiles, and birds.

Swimming:  Bathe in the cool, clear, river flowing right out of Kinabalu National Park.

We also offer Hiking and Caving Adventures in nearby village of Langsat. Contact us for more info.


Delicious vegetarian meals prepared by the camp staff are locally grown and sourced from the local market in Ranau.  What food we don’t use, we compost.


What to Bring:

  1. Mosquito repellent
  2. Sunscreen
  3. Towel
  4. Extra clothes
  5. Swimming clothes
  6. Headtorch/Flashlight
  7. Trekking boots
  8. Sandals
  9. Sleeping bag
  10. Personal medications
  11. Trekking Poles (optional)

How to get here

Please note, these prices can change any time.  We do our best to keep up to date, but please inform us if you find any of this is incorrect.

From Kota Kinabalu:

We recommend taking a minivan or shared taxi direct to Ranau from the Padang Merdeka Bus terminal  located near downtown Kota Kinabalu. The terminal operates from about 6AM until about 6PM, daily.  Prices may vary, but expect to pay around MYR 20 or so. Please note that the driver will only go when the vehicle is full.  It is best to arrive early in the morning or you may end up waiting around for other passengers to show up.

The minibus or shared taxi will take you to the local terminal in Ranau.  From the local terminal,  you can go to Poring via taxi, or by minibus (cheaper).  You can also try Grab Taxi from Ranau to get to Poring, but we have heard it’s pretty hit or miss.

Upon arrival to Poring, head to the meeting point, Nong Ling Restaurant (map). Please note that you need to be at Nong Ling by 3pm.  Camp staff will be there to meet you and guide you to the campsite area.   After a short briefing from the camp staff, you will trek about 45 minutes to reach the campsite. On the way to Lupa Masa, the staff will teach you about the local flora and fauna.

From Sandakan:

From Sandakan, we recommend taking a coach bus to reach Ranau.   You can go to Sandakan Bus Terminal to catch a bus to Ranau.  There are several bus services there to choose from.  Any of the buses heading for Kota Kinabalu will pass through Ranau.  Make sure to tell the staff you want to purchase a ticket to Ranau, as the fare all the way to KK will be more. The ticket fare should run about RM45 and the journey is about 6 hours. The bus will stop for food and toilet breaks along the way.  The bus will take you to the local terminal in Ranau.  From the local terminal,  you can go to Poring via taxi, or by minibus (cheaper).

It is best to take the bus from Sandakan the day before you plan to go to Lupa Masa, as it might be difficult to reach Poring by the 3PM meeting time.

You can get directly to Poring by hiring a taxi in Sandakan, however, the pricing might be expensive for some travelers.

Other options

We provide transportation via minivan for private transfer or groups from Kota Kinabalu. To find out about this option and pricing, please contact us.

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